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Where does this moment come from ?

Hi everyone :)
Or at least, the ones who are reading this entry ;)

I was wondering if anyone could tell me where does this GIF come from ?

I'm pretty sure that I won't have many responses, but I'm trying anyway ('cause I find that GIF funny).
Thanks for your help :)


Le sentiment de vide ...
Une douleur atroce, une douleur comme une aiguille qui s'enfonce dans ma poitrine ... et que je n'arrive pas à retirer. Elle est là, elle ne s'en va pas, quoi que je fasse, quoi qu'il me dise.
Je n'en peux plus. Je suis perdue. Je ne me reconnais plus.

Mes yeux pleurent, mon coeur me fait mal, ma gorge se sert. Je ne sais pas pourquoi j'ai changé, mais je n'aime pas ce que je ressens ... J'ai peur de ne plus l'aimer, je ne veux pas le perdre, mais je ne peux pas me contrôler.

Marre d'être malheureuse sans savoir vraiment pourquoi. C'est dur, je suis au bord d'un précipice, on m'a poussé, et je tombe. Je tombe ... il me tend la main, mais je suis déjà en train de tomber et je n'arrive pas à l'attraper.

Mélancolique, je me souviens des moments de bonheur sans nuages ou tout allait bien, ils me semblent vraiment loin .. Et écouter des chansons d'amour brisé ne m'aide pas.


fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

xD Whoohouuu ! lol
Good kisser, ne ? :p

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Him <3

When we're together, he's another person.
I like his voice, i like when he sticks out his tongue at me :p, I like his kisses <3

Tenderness is the word that describes him when we're alone. I like him very very much ...



We talk about our love problems, life and our fears, he touched me and ...
Uh ho ... This old crush for him is back ...


Kumi - Pullip Alte

Hey, I received today my first Pullip <3


I was so glad, she's beautiful ^^ I decided to sell her outfit and wig, because I want to completely customize her. Her name's Kumi ;p
A new wig, some shoes and new eyechips should arrive soon. he he ^^


Ciel Phantomhive cosplay ...

Hi there !
It's been one year now since I began cosplaying.
I just finnished my 2nd costume and I wore it at the " Japan Expo " which takes place every year at the beginning of July at Paris (france). I was really glad to see people pleased to take pics of me ^^ I mean ... pics of Chii ! :p
I met a friendly Freya, and together we spent some time posing like this :

(I'm the one in red ^^)

Now, since I'm really bored and since I'm single again :"(
I have time to spare and I began this costume of Ciel Phantomhive.

Ahhhh ! I just *LOVE* this anime/manga ^^
Especially the relationship betwen Sebastian and Ciel ... heheheh
" Sebastiaaaannnn "  XD Ahem, sorry. lol
Ciel has so many costumes *__* (it remembers me of Sakura Kinomoto ... well a little ..)
So, I began sewing it. And here is the hat. <3

So, what do you think ? ^^
Will continue this later.


Driving licence yepeeeeh ! :p

Today I have the right to drive a car :p
Yaaaaay, it feels like liberty ! ^^
I'll be able to go to school by myself and go to the town alone in order to do some shopping or visit some friends =3

Apart from that, it feels like I'll be having my last lectures and exams soon enough ... I don't want to  TT^TT ! Every year it's the same, I hate that ... Grrr ... But, well, i'll be able to see them and the others even if we live far from each other. I swear it ;)

Don't read that if you feel like killing someone when he tells you that you waste your money :pCollapse )

Bye guys ;)



Beginning to feel sick about all this !

Yeah, I find yaoi and mangas more and more boring.
I'm studying at a great University, going out with friends every week, in the end, I prefer being with them (and the one I'm in love with who makes me laugh whatever he does, he's so .. him ! lol) rather than searching for yaoi everyday.
I don't even feel like doing any kind of internet stuff. I'm sick of it, I wanna live my life, right now and move on.
In the end, I can't be alone. I need them, much more that they need me I think, but I really love them. I feel like an idiot saying this out loud, but the hell it's fucking true !
It doesn't make sense, furthermore I'm writting this, but I just wanna say it selfishly.
I'm happy and laugh everyday, so much sometimes it hurts xD
I can't believe I'm living this today.
It's amazing ... I seem to be not interrested in my greatest drug (yaoi) anymore, I still CANNOT believe it ! lol
Well, anyway. That's it.


First Cosplay

Yeahhhh ! I finally made it in time ^w^ I'am so relieved !
Actually I went to a gathering near my town last weekend. I was cosplaying my favorite character from Naruto : Itachi Uchiha. Before entering the gathering, I had to take the train, the bus and the tramway. The fact is ... that I was already wearing all the outfit ! XD It was funny to see the people around me getting surprised or amused ^^

The first person who asked me if he could take a pic of me was a pedestrian, total stranger. Nyahahaha ^^
I got complimented, and some people wanted to take a shot of my Sharingan eyes. lol
I'm proud of my first cosplay, and I'll be sewing more in the future ^_^
The next I want to try is Chii from Chobits. Hope I'll be able to begin sewing on my vacations next week :)